Terms and Conditions



1. Covid: Please see current information here.


2. Bookings


Your booking is considered confirmed once full payment and booking information has been received by Peakguide and you have received a booking confirmation. The booking confirmation forms the contract between you and Peakguide. For group bookings (minimum 2 people) Peakguide cannot change the booking fee if a member of your group is unable to do the walk.


Before the activity you will be required to sign a consent form stating that you have read these terms and conditions, our Privacy Policy and whether you consent to your photograph being taken or not. You will also have the opportunity before the activity to provide any medical information that you believe may impact on the health and safety of both yourself, other participants and members of the public.


3. Cancellations by the client(s)

Once a booking is made it is considered to be binding contract.

  • If you have to cancel more than four weeks prior to the walk taking place, you are eligible for a refund of 50% of the booking fee.

  • If you have to cancel between four weeks and two weeks prior to the walk taking place, you are eligible for a refund of 25% of the booking fee.

  • If you have to cancel two weeks prior to the walk taking place, you will not be eligible for a refund.


Please note, for group bookings (minimum 2 people) conditions refer to bookings for the whole group. Cancellations by individuals within the group are not eligible for refunds.



4. Changes to the itinerary/cancellations by Peakguide


Under certain circumstances the itinerary of the walk may need to be changed. This may include environmental reasons (e.g. weather), legal reasons (e.g. grouse moor legal restrictions) or encountering livestock. On rare occasions the walk may have to be cancelled (e.g. extreme weather conditions, moorland wildfires, changes to Covid restrictions or if the walk leader is ill.)

If a walk is cancelled by Peakguide you have the option to reschedule your booking or receive a full refund. The right to modify or cancel the walk is at the sole discretion of Peakguide.



5. Risk


Peakguide produces a general risk assessment for the activities provided. Please contact us if you wish to see this. The leader also makes an informal risk assessment on the day regarding environmental conditions such as the weather forecast (see also 4.‘Changes to the itinerary’).

However, by its very nature the outdoor environment is unpredictable and we cannot eliminate every possibility of risk or danger. By signing the consent form, you accept these risks which include a danger of personal injury or death and accept that you are responsible for your own actions.




6. Personal responsibility: Physical ability, clothing and behaviour


Physical ability

You should ensure that you have a sufficient level of fitness to undertake the activity. Peakguide reserves the right to modify or cancel the activity if your physical ability puts you, other participants or members of the public at risk. Any concerns about your ability to undertake the walks should be raised with Peakguide as soon as possible.



You should ensure that you have suitable clothing appropriate for the weather and the terrain. Please see the FAQs for advice. Peakguide reserves the right to refuse to take clients on a walk if the walk leader believes that the client or the group will be put at risk by lack of suitable clothing.


Personal behaviour

If an individual’s personal behaviour endangers the group, the general public or themselves then Peakguide reserves the right to modify or cancel the walk.


7. Data Protection


For information on data protection please see our Privacy Policy


8. Complaints


At Peakguide we want our clients to have an enjoyable and fulfilling time with us. If you have a complaint please tell us as soon as possible so that we can try to remedy the situation.